Our gamification platform - a plugin solution that makes engagement as a service possible


Meet your customers! You decide what you want your customers to do and when. The more they complete challenges the more they earn badges and collect more rewards and points. Build a journey your customers cannot wait to complete!

Rankings & Leaderboards

We all want to win and be the first one on podium! Help customers visualize where they stand and how much point they have earned to keep motivation and engagement ongoing. Get your customers compete for the top spot.


The more they invite people the more they earn! Monitor the effectiveness of your referral program and see the impact on your revenues and engagement KPI’s. Don’t underestimate the power of the community!

Purchase rewards

Reward your customers with cashback points or coupons upon payments and completing purchases. Keep your customers loyal and make sure they come back again. They will want to buy more and spend what they earned.

QR codes & check-in

As easy as taking a picture (or ringing a bell)! Your customers can scan QR codes mission-specific or to let you know they just entered your shop!

Start building the perfect multi-level engagement program for your customers

Data & dashboards to build personalised experiences tailored to your customers’ actions and interests

From data tracking to full control of your gamification implementation. Your customers growth and retention plans are made smart by data. You can now enrich your customers’ profile with preferences, specific behaviours and interaction data.

Measure effectiveness of your gamification program and modules (missions, rewards..) and build personalised journeys for each customer segment. Work on key metrics and clearly track results.

Engagement & Gamification:
Industry based solution

Eaas for Retail

Building long-lasting
relationship with your customers

Eaas for Smart City 

Empowering citizens and
enhancing community engagement

Eaas for Startup

Building real communities
based on specific interests or actions

eaas is a service offered by Djungle Studio

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