Gamification made simple.

Increase customer engagement and improve results. Use gamification and behavioural science to enhance customer experience and build long lasting relationships with your customers.

Customer loyalty done differently: easy, smart and affordable

Improve customer retention and community growth

Stop acquiring customers that don’t come back. With traditional marketing, interaction brand-customers goes on and off and is fragmented among different platforms. By building a tailored experience - based on data and gamification - you start a personalised conversation with your customers that keep on coming back.

Increase interaction points with the brand

By bringing in gamification elements customers are no longer interacting passively with your brand. Build an engaging digital experience and transform the way brand-customer interact making it continuos and making a bridge between physical customer experience (in shop) and online.

Improve quality’s interaction with personalised experience

No more boring emails and discounts (only)! Get to know your customers and send personalised communication at the right moment. Optimize your messages and interaction points for effective onboarding and conversion - your customers will actively decide to interact with your brand!


Flexible & easy to build on
Easy API integration 
Affordable and adaptable to your needs

Social media campaigns and customer acquisition don’t bring the results you want? we know how to fix it!

With eaas you have happier and more engaged customers. It’s good for the customer, it’s great for the brand!  

• + 40% increase in purchase frequency
• + 25% increase in average spent
• +750k interactions/ month

eaas is a service offered by Djungle Studio

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